Aaiyyanist Group

We are the Aaiyyanist Group

Greetings fellow spiritual travellers and adepts from all walks of life. We are the Aaiyyanist Group based in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, though we have one member based in Belgium who helped set this site up (Janegan). We are Dravidian Aaiyyanists and we work as researchers and translators of various Dravidian Aaiyyani works. We also have members in the Abhichaara (Tantric schools) and thus are very interested in spreading the teachings of Dravidian Tantric Aaiyyanism to the masses of people worldwide.

Just a disclaimer. We are not the Aaiyyan World Foundation (AWF). We are not linked to them at all and have no affiliation with them. Some of us were members of the Aaiyyan World Foundation but not anymore. The only connection with the AWF is that they have supplied us with some translated works (such as the healers manual) which we have transcribed into Android apps.


Our mission

Our mission is to spread the word of Dravidian Aaiyyanism without any censorship or boundaries. The Dravidian Aaiyyanist text and teachings have been kept secret for thousands of year and is still being suppressed by various Aaiyyanist groups worldwide. Even though the Aaiyyan World Foundation has translated some works into Engish and accepted English speakers to the fold, there is still some suppression of some texts. We are in discussion with various Aaiyyanist groups including the AWF to make these scriptures more widely disseminated.


Our Processes

To spread our message we have decided to create easily accessible phone apps that anyone can download for free from the Google Playstore. We are also using Social media (Facebook, google+ and Twitter) to spread or work and philosophy.

We are also in the process of producing Ebooks, youtube videos and other media to highlight the wisdom on Dravidian Aaiyyanism.

Note: English is not our first language, so if you find any errors on this site or our apps please email us.

The Aaiyyanist Group